Star Fashion

Style & Beauty

With over fifty fashion accessories for women and kids, Star Fashion stands out for the quality of its products and its innovative designs.


Hair accessories

The hairbrushes from the Glam and Tropical Series for women are among the star-products offered in the hair accessories category. They are decorated with beautiful gold and metallic designs covered by a lacquer finish, birds of paradise and tropical flowers, while the quick detangling brushes for girls offered have designs consisting of cute unicorns, lamas, flamingos and cats. Two other series of smaller hairbrushes are also available for little girls: the Magic Series and the Little Princess Series with colorful patterns adorned with gold glitter. 

Star Fashion also offers gorgeous scrunchie sets for all hair types. They have been designed for all hairstyles: ponytail, buns and more! Star Fashion offers three sets for young girls, each model includes a glitter heart, and three sets for women in fashionable colors. 

If your child dreams of a legendary unicorn themed party, Star Fashion also offers for special occasions and birthday parties, beautiful unicorn hair passes that will instantly transform your child into the greatest mythical creature of all time! Flexible, with shiny finished cat ears and beautiful flowers and petals, they fit both children's and adult's heads, so you or your child can wear them comfortably throughout the day of your event.

Fashionable Beach Bags, Drawstring Bags & Grocery Bags

Whether for the beach, for shopping or for children to carry their personal belongings, Star Fashion offers a collection of beach bags, drawstring bags for young people and reusable grocery bags with fashionable designs. Spacious and sturdy, the beach bags are made from a canvas and cotton blend and come in 12 fashion-forward designs in a quality fabric that's made to last. The drawstring bags designed especially for children are convenient, lightweight, versatile and easy to clean. They have adjustable drawstrings for a comfortable fit and are made from polyester, making them durable, strong and waterproof. They are offered in 4 colorful and fun designs that will appeal to children.

The reusable grocery bags are made from a lightweight but very sturdy fabric that resists tearing. They can be used as tote bags, and their long handles allow them to be carried by hand or over the shoulder. Machine washable, they are eco-friendly, they fold and can easily slip into a pocket. A matching square pocket is also included for your convenience. They are offered in 6 beautiful fashionable designs that will appeal to both men and women.

Unisex umbrellas

Star Fashion offers a diverse range of umbrellas for all occasions. In addition to the popular unisex retractable umbrellas, which come with a practical case for easy storage in your bag or glove compartment, discover umbrellas for children, designed to be both sturdy and fun, perfect for young adventurers. For those who prefer a more classic style, the two-tone umbrellas offer timeless elegance.


For young girls who like to look pretty, star fashion offers a complete beauty kit including peel-off nail polishes, toe separators in shiny colors, eye shadow with applicator, lipstick in the shape of a cat with clip and a nail file. Star fashion also offers a complete set of magic nail polish! All Star Fashion products have been created especially for children. Everything so that your child can enjoy a beauty session with friends in complete safety!